As a Vegan Runner at the half marathon relay in Potsdam

A fine mob

What a terrific evening last night. I was at the relay in Potsdam with my Vegan Runners. This year I took part for the second time. To compete with 25 vegan runners – this feeling is simply indescribable. 5×5 relays. Distance in total 21km, so each 4.2km divided into 4 laps around the course. Every time we passed our team we were cheered on loudly. That generates power. After the half marathon we had the meanwhile legendary buffet. Of course, it doesn’t go without it. The most wonderful things were served: from chickpea salad to delicious brownies everything was there. At this sight one can only burst into loud laughter if one thinks of the usual questions that vegans often meet: ” Well, what can you eat?”.

By all means, we filled our bellies and received the first prize in the ‘Mixed Staffel’ class as the crowning glory. Spectacular. Not quite as spectacular was the actual price, a bag full of ‘Landliebe’ products (a brand for milk products), which really went to the right people. We took it with humor and will propose some vegan sponsors to the organizer for the next time, because we certainly weren’t the last time there. And now let your mouth water with all the delicacies from our buffet.

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