Blink of an Eye

Pig Lilly empowers me

We had just been on the road for a few days by car. On the highway I looked out of the window as a co-driver watching what was happening. Unfortunately, as always I was not spared that we had to drive past vans with live animals.

That’s when it hit me. You certainly know that. There are these small ventilation slits through which one can look into the inside of the transporter. And that’s where I saw them. These beautiful light green eyes that looked trustingly into the world. They belonged to a pig. Tears immediately shot into my own eyes and the next half hour I couldn’t stop myself. The beautiful Lilli who looked at me from the van with her blood-scratched ears. And yet she had so much trust in her eyes.

This sadness about knowing where Lilli was travelling to gave me a surge of strength at that very moment, which I want to carry out into the world. With Greta, I have developed the best vegan dog food available for my dog. I cook for him my own vegan food, enriched with V-Complete. Above all, he gets all the nutrients he needs to go powerfully through the world.

With this I actively help many generations of unknown Lillis and other animals to escape this fate. That makes me happy. Especially because I also offer you and your dog the opportunity to become active and give all animals a chance. No pigs have to die, so that our dogs can eat.

Animals Say Yeah!

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