New to the blog team is Claudi!

Claudi will support our blog with interesting articles in the field of “Vegan4dogs Nutritional Science”. But first she presents herself so that we can get to know her a little better.

Hello dear reader,

my name is Claudia Renner and already at the age of eight I decided not to eat animals any more.

In the handwork lessons newspapers were laid out on the school desks. There was a pig illustrated on whose body terms like “ham” or “bacon” were stated. In a conversation with my mum I learned that day that I eat animals with every lasagne, salami pizza, burger or sausage bread. Promptly it was over – because I have always been very animal-loving.

Being a vegetarian as a child in Munich, where I still live today, was already quite hard at that time. Vegetarian was so ” strange ” in the nineties and rare, like vegan ten years ago.

In January 2011 I switched from “vegetarian eating” to “vegan living” after 20 years. I had read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book “Tiere essen” (“Eating Animals”) and (with the knowledge I had gained) no excuses to continue buying milk and eggs.

Claudi’s Veganblog

I blogged about my “vegan diary” on “Claudi goes vegan” from my first vegan day on. For seven years I recorded everything that concerned and touched me in relation to vegan life there, but in the meantime the blog is no longer active.

Various self-experiments followed. Sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free and “raw vegan”. A book of the same name, about my raw food self-experiment, was published by Compassion Media.

In the first half of 2017, I trained as a certified vegan nutritionist via distance learning at “ecodemy”. Finally, I was able to deepen the knowledge I had acquired myself over six years in a structured way!

Claudi’s E‑Book

I know from my own experience that eating purely plant-based foods does not automatically mean being healthy. After a massive weight gain in 2014, I successfully lost weight two years later. How and why I explain in my e-book, which can be found on my website.

Claudi and Yoga

From autumn 2015, I did a four-year training as a yoga teacher BDY/EYU and also recorded my experiences and adventures here on a blog. “Claudi does Yoga” has also been shut down in the meantime, although it was just as important to me at the time as my vegan blog. Because I know that the best possible diet is only one building block for a balanced life. That’s why I’ve given yoga more space in my life.

Claudi as Podcast

If you want to hear my voice, please visit my podcast “Friede Freude Süßkartoffel“. It’s mostly about my two heart themes: Yoga and the vegan life!

But now I wish you a lot of fun on and with Vegan4Dogs!

Sunny greetings from the heart,

your Claudi

© Photo Mathias Leidgschwendner


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Claudia Renner
Claudia Renner

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