Rupert and his struvite stones

A Field Report by Zula

I got Rupert at 13 weeks old. Prior to this, I carried out a lot of research in to feeding him a vegetarian diet. I am a vegetarian myself so administering meat or fish would have made me feel sick to the stomach. My research pointed to a number of brands that could cater for his needs. Of course, this was met with disapproval from a number of people, largely those not adequately informed that dogs could thrive on a vegetarian diet. Infact, the food Rupert was having was vegan but I daren’t tell anybody as they couldn’t get their heads round a vegetarian diet let alone a vegan one! I do give Rupert cheese now and again to administer a worming tablet and occasionally give him a free range raw egg so he is technically a vegetarian like me.

Fast forward 4 years. Rupert ended up getting a large struvite stone following contracting toxoplasmosis. The Vet automatically told me that his plant-based food was causing him to get stones and that I would have to move him on to a meat-based diet. I pushed back quite hard as that wasn’t the reason. Toxoplasmosis triggered this problem. Again, I went back on to the Internet and carried out lengthy research about foods I could give him to help his issue. However, the stone had grown so big that no change of diet was going to zap it so Poor Rupert had to have an operation to remove it. All was well again and then symptoms started to show again after a mere 4 weeks post operation. He was peeing blood and straining again. This was so sad to see. I went back to the Vets and the crystals were forming again and his ph was 9.0. I was in shock! Clearly; he had now become predisposed to such an ailment.

Going forward, I found out after hours of research that there was a super food called ‘Greta’ that contained what was required to ‘melt‘ the crystals (Methionine – Note by Leni Lecker). I contacted Arielle, a stockist for Greta. I remember it arriving on the Tuesday and after a few days of it being served with Cranimals Cranberry Powder, the symptoms disappeared. Rupert had a urinalysis done 3 weeks post Greta and it dropped down to 5.5! Amazing news. The Greta smells lovely and Rupert loves eating it more than anything. I am very grateful that such a product is available and Brexit hasn’t compromised his wellbeing.

Zula with Rupert

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