Valentin and Coco tasting Greta

byOz ordered V-Complete for her dogs and in the package were Greta Edgar Minis as well, which were tasted immediately.

That’s what byOz says about it:

“Vegetarian food for dogs?” – No!!!! That is not possible! They are pure carnivores!!!! And the teeth! The teeth! My God! They have them to catch the prey and tear it into pieces.”

The story goes on:

My dogs are forced to nothing. I firmly believe that I have two happiest and most satisfied dogs in the world. They can decide for themselves what they want. They have unfortunately suffered for many years from my misconception that they receive all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the common supermarket canned food and dry food. Their health is in bad shape. And unfortunately I recognized it too late.

Both are private patients, well insured and lacking nothing. The hacking is really in the human failure of judgment and clear mind. We ourselves know nothing about how to properly nourish ourselves and care for our bodies. We rely on medicine, which has really had its best times. What can we expect from the knowledge concerning our pets? And maybe your dog doesn’t eat because he needs something completely different? Maybe a vegetarian diet is the right thing for him?

“It’s hard to change over to vegetarian food… How can I get the dogs to do that?”

Actually, it is much easier than becoming a vegetarian yourself. My dogs are enthusiastic about vegan food. And since I didn’t just put the new food in front of them, but left the decision to them, I don’t have a guilty conscience. They always decide for the vegetarian menu before they dare to eat the “normal” food. It is really interesting to watch how the “real carnivores” enjoy eating vegetables and leaving the meat lying around.

I take some time for the changeover for myself and the two of them. And to be on the safe side, has the vitamin complex V-Complete. This secures the optimal dog nutrition. Who loves their dog, thinks a moment about it and questions the ready-made food industry. The dog thanks you with his excellent health and many active life years. 🙂

If it tastes so good, there must be something to it. I have the normal dry food and mixed it with pieces of Greta. My dogs get the normal dry food in the evening (so with supposed meat ingredients) and have always plastered everything. I was surprised that both dogs ate the Greta pieces first and then the normal dry food.

My conclusion: Greta wins!

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