Vegetable protein in pet food

The new trend for sustainability?

We have been dealing with vegi dog food for quite some time, but slowly the feed industry seems to be waking up as well. According to an article on the American website, vegetable proteins, among other things, will become relevant for pet food in the future because they consume less energy and resources in general. The expert even dares to compare to a universal remedy. A big problem is rather the acceptance of the customers.

Because of concerns against maize and soy they are reluctant to be used in the conventional feed industry.

Wakshlag counts on the fact that many plants contain enough protein for cat and dog, such as Land Cress, Purple Kale, Dandelion, Red Chard, Beet Greens, brewer’s yeast and Duckweed.

As we all already know, legumes are not to be forgotten, even if they were not mentioned in the article.

Well, here we go.

Of course, the article is not only about vegetable proteins, but that is the part that is relevant for us. You can read the article here.

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