Visiting the Vetzgerei

What a luck! In our house a shop was empty for a long time. When the construction work started some time ago, we were naturally curious and peered through the windows again and again. How I was thrilled when I noticed that a butcher’s shop was moving in there – a completely vegan butcher’s shop. And now it’s time at last. Since yesterday the shop is open. Today, of course, I stopped by immediately to take a closer look at the delicacies and kidnap them home. The treats were carefully wrapped in brown parchment paper by the lady and on top of that I got a new creation, a vegetable tureen, to try. I am very enthusiastic. We’ll be tasting the purchases right away. The test bites of the Vürstchen in the shop were very tasty.

Oh yes, not to forget: all the products are organic, vegan and homemade.

Die Vetzgerei

Animals Say Yeah!

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