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  • Veganuary – Let your dog decide

    We have a great idea to start the new year! How about trying vegan food for your dog too in January? Veganuary will sta [...]

  • World Day for Laboratory Animals

    Why animal experiments are dangerous for all living beings! Germany in the year 2020 Almost 1.9 million vertebrates and [...]

  • Earth Day 2022

    "Sustainable, organic, fair: Your clothes make the man" Today is Earth Day. Since 1970, it has become an annual event o [...]

  • Plant Appreciation Day

    It's springtime! You are walking in the forest with your dog. All of a sudden, an incredibly lovely scent reaches your [...]

  • Powered by Plants – The Power of Plants

    The power of plants Many people report increased health and vitality in their vegan dogs. No wonder more and more peopl [...]

  • Love in the Bowl Part 2

    My Learnings I recently invited you to my vegan dog kitchen and shared my experience of preparing Lotti's food. As prom [...]

  • Love in the Bowl Part 1

    Today I want to take you into my vegan dog kitchen. I personally love to cook and use it to relax. Doing something good [...]

  • World Water Day

    water It's getting scarcer and scarcer... So important and yet so underestimated: Water - the basis for everything: our [...]

  • This makes my heart leap

    What is love? Did you ever think about this question? I have found it difficult to answer because every living creature [...]

  • Is vitamin A as additive actually vegan?

    In complete dog foods (whether vegan or conventional), vitamins and minerals are usually added to complete the food. Bu [...]

  • Jamie – With love and expertise new to our team

    We would like to introduce Jamie. She provides us with support in writing blog articles and social media posts and enri [...]

  • 9 reasons why I home cook for my dog

    There are many good reasons I know exactly what’s in the food. I can get to know my dog’s preferences and comply with t [...]

  • Prof. Dr. Zentek

    if you want to know exactly… Vegan dog nutrition still raises many questions, precisely because it is not yet as establ [...]

  • 2016 – The year of legumes

    The United Nations go for legumes. According to a ‘Spiegel’ article, the United Nations have declared 2016 the year of [...]

  • Switzerland accelerates vegan dog nutrition

    Veterinarian Roland Maurer knows how to do it Recently I had written about an article in Tier-im-Fokus about vegan dog [...]

  • Spike likes it

    Deutschland is(s)t vegan is talking about Greta Edgar The presentation of Greta, our vegan dog food, on deutschlandistv [...]

  • Vegetable protein in pet food

    The new trend for sustainability? We have been dealing with vegi dog food for quite some time, but slowly the feed indu [...]

  • The ‘Oscar’ for animal rights goes to?

    Gotlands Djurfristad wins the “Golden Rat” Just a few days ago the Guldråttan was awarded to the Gotland Animal Sanctua [...]

  • Celebrate with Vriends

    Running, eating, drinking Last Friday I was able to enjoy several of my passions. I was at the Tiergarten relay in Berl [...]

  • 8 reasons to feed your dog vegan

    Why should I? Because dogs like it Because dogs can thrive on it Because all nutrients are included Because animal prot [...]

  • At the barbecue

    Grandpa knows who to trust A story from vegan dog life. An animal lover recently had an extraordinary experience: “I wa [...]

  • Veterinarian with a clear view

    The following experience report encourages us not only to approach vegan dog nutrition from an emotional point of view [...]

  • Blink of an Eye

    Pig Lilly empowers me We had just been on the road for a few days by car. On the highway I looked out of the window as [...]

  • An interview with Leni Lecker and WDR360

    Vegan dog food goes mainstream Me and Eddie had an interview with WDR last week. They were looking over our shoulder du [...]