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  • Visiting the Vetzgerei

    What a luck! In our house a shop was empty for a long time. When the construction work started some time ago, we were n [...]

  • Valentin and Coco tasting Greta

    byOz ordered V-Complete for her dogs and in the package were Greta Edgar Minis as well, which were tasted immediately. [...]

  • V-Complete 4th Generation

    What’s new? V-Complete Vegan dog nutrition is still quite a young area, which is why we check our products over and ove [...]

  • Sodium and Chlorid

    Vegan4Dogs Nutrition Science Sodium and Chlorid Here we take a closer look at the two bulk elements sodium and chloride [...]

  • Pauline bag printing with Leni Lecker and Matthias

    What an exciting adventure. A heart-felt project has finally come true. Long planned and longed for, but as it is, it takes longer than you think. The design idea is not yet right, Corona comes in between and, and, and.

  • Mr Milo our faithful vegan fur nose

    Nicole shares from her vegan family life We, our daughter, Mr Milo, my husband and I, are a vegan family and yes that i [...]

  • Rupert and his struvite stones

    A Field Report by Zula I got Rupert at 13 weeks old. Prior to this, I carried out a lot of research in to feeding him a [...]

  • Vegan Puppy Feeding

    Today we are taking a look at a topic we regularly get asked a lot of questions about: We are talking about vegan nutrit [...]

  • Purines in Dog Nutrition

    In this article we take a look at purines These are parts of the genetic material. They are therefore located in the DN [...]

  • The vegan summer Festival 2019 – A report

    A fantastic weekend in Berlin (August 23.-25. 2019). The vegan summer party at Alex in Berlin went into the next round. [...]

  • Calcium and Phosphorus

    Vegan4Dogs Nutrition Science Calcium and Phosphorus Calcium and phosphorus are minerals and belong to the quantitative [...]

  • New to the blog team is Claudi!

    Claudi will support our blog with interesting articles in the field of “Vegan4dogs Nutritional Science”. But first she [...]

  • Minerals

    Vegan4Dogs Nutrition Science With this article we take a look at the minerals. In addition to vitamins, they also belon [...]

  • Visiting Lo Vegano on Mallorca

    Hola Mallorca I visited Lo Vegano, the vegan store on Mallorca. It has been around for 6 years, run by Sarah and Patric [...]

  • Greta – Complete Food

    Update: Greta Edgar Refined Composition is now available. Check out what’s new or see all details about Greta. Greta is [...]

  • What happened that Edgar turns into Greta?

    In May we received news from the European Trademark Office that our vegan dog food Edgar has to be renamed. Already 1 1/ [...]

  • Animal protection festival in Berlin

    On Saturday 26.05.2018 the Tierschutz Festival Berlin will take place again. It is organized by the Tierschutzbund and [...]

  • Just say THANK YOU

    Some time ago we got a very sweet email from Natalie. She gave us an insight into her thoughts and her life and describ [...]

  • Success at Vegan Summer Party Alex Berlin

    Vegan Summer Festival Berlin 2017 Early Sunday morning 27th August 2017. Well well, for Berlin conditions early, so at [...]

  • Greta goes for Bundespreis Ecodesign

    Today Greta Edgar is going to the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. Our vegan dog food Greta enters the competition for the Ge [...]

  • As a Vegan Runner at the half marathon relay in Potsdam

    A fine mob What a terrific evening last night. I was at the relay in Potsdam with my Vegan Runners. This year I took pa [...]

  • Barbecue Vegan Style

    Barbecue in the park This weekend we enjoyed the summer to the max and had a barbecue in the park. Vegan style, of cour [...]

  • How to use V-Complete

    Feeding recommendation You prepare a tasty meal for your dog, e.g. from our recipe recommendations, and mix in V-Comple [...]

  • Greta – Refined Composition

    For Big Gourmets or the Small Appetite Happiness for all the big and small Edgar Greta Fans. The Greta Big Bag has arri [...]