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Soup, mush and dumplings ‑ Preferences are diverse

The consistency is quite essential for the acceptance of food I have noticed. Eddie especially likes dumplings and vegetables that he can chew vigorously. Soup, on the other hand, he doesn’t like and he can’t be lured with mush. However, other dogs see this completely differently. Some like mush and other four-legged friends like soup to slobber on.

Basically dog food should be prepared in such a way that it can be digested easily, e.g. by pureeing or cooking or both. In order to still get food for Eddie that he can grasp with his teeth and plunge into his throat, I like to make dumplings, coins or sausages out of a dough of e.g. lentils and oat flakes with V-Complete and oil. The whole thing can of course be mixed with some liquid into a mush. The vegetables are usually for chewing. Depending on the vegetables, the nutrients are absorbed even better by pureeing or grating.

Soups can also be prepared very well and are particularly suitable for dogs that can chew badly or have only a few teeth. However, this is not a necessity for a soup preference.

In order to maintain the dental health of your companion, it makes sense to regularly offer something hard to chew. You can use hard bread for this e.g.

Also kibbles can be given dry for crunching, or soaked, so that it already dissolves. Everyone to their taste.

What does your dog especially like?

Leni Lecker
Leni LeckerVegan4Dogs

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