Date of Chickpeas and Polenta

Hommus with Polenta and Carrots

A daily serving for a 15kg dog (33 lb) (Last updated April 2018)


420g Cooked Chickpeas
300g Cooked Polenta
120g Cooked Carrots
7.5g Olive Oil
A little Water
2g (Smoked) Salt
2-3 tbsp Nutritional Yeast
6g V-Complete


Place the chickpeas in a blender and chop them up. Add the oil.

The amount of oil can be adjusted, I have taken a little more, because Eddie is sporty. If you have a dog that gains weight easily you can cut in half the amount of oil.

Add some water, the salt and the nutritional yeast and mix, if necessary take more water, so that a spreadable mass develops. Finally stir in V-Complete.

Spread the Hommus on the polenta and cut into pieces. Serve with the carrots. Voilà.

Polenta with Vegetables

When cooking polenta you can add various ingredients to differ with the taste a bit. I used some dried carrots and spinach in it, that’s why it looks so colorful.

With Leni Lecker HundeVurst Cubes

Many dogs love the Leni Lecker HundeVurst. You can also include it in this recipe. You take 70g of the Vurst, cut it into edible bites and serve it with the Hommus Polenta and the carrots. To adjust the protein level, reduce the chickpeas to 350g and the polenta to 200g.

Leni Lecker

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