When Turnips & Bean Dumplings toast Breads

Soybean Dumplings With Turnips and Toast Bread

A daily serving for a 15kg dog (33 lb) (Last updated April 2018)


300g Boiled Soybeans (I added savory to the water)
100g Bread
10g Oatmeal (or other)
110g Turnip
10g Flat Parsley
15g Margarine
20g Sesame Oil
2g (Smoked) Salt
1 tbsp Nutritional Yeast
6g V-Complete


I made the serving a little bigger because Eddie is sporty. Adjust the amount according to your dog’s needs, you know him best.

The turnip is first peeled and cut into slices. I cooked it in a few minutes with a little water and a steam insert plus lid (approx. 6min). Of course, it can also be cooked if there is no insert, but the taste remains even better if it is only steamed.

Meanwhile, crush the already cooked soybeans, I used the moulinette for it. Wash the parsley and chop into small pieces. Add the soybeans, the parsley, the (smoked) salt, the nutritional yeast, the oil and V-Complete. Mix well with your fingers, the oat flakes are for thickening, you can dose them as needed. As soon as the turnips are ready, remove from the stove, season with some salt and oil and leave to cool in the bowl. Now the dumplings can be formed. Use two tablespoons to cut off some dough and shape it so that the dog can grasp it better. Slide the finished dumplings into the bowl.

Finally toast the bread slices, spread with margarine and add to the rest in appropriate pieces.
Voilà, it’s ready.

Cook your own Soybeans

If you cook the soybeans yourself, it’s 100g of dried beans for this recipe, which corresponds to about 300g of boiled beans. The beans can also be pre-cooked for a few days, then you can store them in a screw glass in the fridge and use at mealtime directly, or you can even store it in the freezer. So do I, a part in the refrigerator, a part in the freezer, then one has the cooking effort one time for various meals. This saves time and energy. Above all, if all the ingredients have run out, you’ll have something to hand quickly.


For even more fun eating I hide the bowl in the apartment and Eddie goes for a search. As soon as he has sniffed out the bowl, which can sometimes be above head height, he sits down and indicates. Then he gets his food.

I’m also interested in your favorite way of serving your dog food. Tell me in the comments about what is most fun about your feeding.

Leni Lecker

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