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Here you find experiences with Greta, Pauline and V-Complete. How are things going for you? Send us your experiences to

Loves Greta
He is about 8 years old (as of 2021) and has been living with us for 2 years. He was previously with ProAnimale in Poland for 3 years and was already fed a vegan/vegetarian diet there. He likes Greta and[…]
Hobbes from Solingen
Pauline is very popular with Anthony, it smells good when you open the can. Even when he is sleeping, when I open the can, he wakes up, comes running and practically inhales the food. But Greta also accepted really well,[…]
Anthony from Hamburg
We wanted to go vegan with our lovely 8 year old Lab Kobe and were so happy to find your supplements as well as the support and information that you have. It’s great to be able to give him the[…]
Kobe from Ireland
The dogs love the food!
Grischa, Maira, Emma & Flora from Dußlingen
Since he came to us two years ago from a Romanian killing station, he has been eating Greta kibble and tolerates it very well. He is a funny and agile fellow and a real enrichment!
Been Veggie for 5 years (2020)
My 11 year old Jazz has been eating Greta food for about 2 weeks now and her allergies are gone 🥰🌿 She is much more active and no more scratching herself.
Little Greek female, sporty on the go and licks out her bowl at least three times.
Suzy is already 20 years old and has been eating your food for two years and is fit as a fiddle! We have the feeling that the transition to vegan food is very good for her (although of course she[…]
Suzylotta from Sylt
Kiev was adopted when he was just under 10 months old. Since then he has almost always eaten plant-based food, with exceptions when we were travelling etc. As a puppy fed with Benevo puppy food, plus home-cooked supplemented with V-Complete.[…]
Kiev & Estefania
My little dachshund Max had stomach/intestinal problems for 2.5 years (now he is 3) and vomited yellow foam almost daily... was with him at so many vets etc. - Nothing helped. Tried different kinds of food - until I found[…]
Lujo, my very first dog, became 2 years old at Christmas (2019), lives with me since May, got him from the animal rescue. Best decision of my life!
Leo loves his vegan food and tolerates it much better than anything he has been given before.
Leo from Uelzen
Our two little rascals Pepe and Kalle love GRETA.
Pepe and Kalle from Kandern
Kutyi loves his new food!
Kutyi from Lithuania
Amy is already 12 years old and thanks to Greta fitter than ever.
Amy from Schneverdingen
He's top healthy, thanks to this great food!! Only to be recommended! Best regards, nana
Eddie from Berlin
Veganer Hund
This is Mien , a rescue scottish terrier , 8 years old. She was used in a breeding farm and had to go when she was too old to reproduce Now she lives a happy life in Belgium and enjoys[…]
Mien from Belgium
Vegan Dogs
We are Alma and Grete from Brandenburg and have been living in Germany for 3 and 2 years. After we tried out a lot of food we ended up with vegetarian fresh food with V-Complete. and stayed because it's best[…]
Alma und Grete from Region Brandenburg
My rescue Breeze, Lurcher (female, Greyhound x Whippet x German Shepherd Dog) used to suffer from a lot of allergies in food (meat, corn). When I adopted her from the shelter, she was 12 weeks old and on meat based[…]
Breeze from Netherlands
Sugar is a vital, very healthy, vegan dog.
Sugar from Oberreifenberg
More cuddly bear than dog ? Peace ☮ Love ❤ Vegan ?
Lionel the Pug from Münster
Veganer Hund leckt sich das Maul
Originally from Turkey. She is almost 10 years old and has been a vegan for many years ?. We are very happy that she enjoys your food so much, because she is really very unique in her choice of food!
An”Toni”a from Frankfurt
Veganer Hund am Strand
Is a big fan of Greta.
Skittle from Eitorf
Vegane Hunde im Garten bei Sonnenschein
Now I have gradually switched food from barf to Greta. They like it very much and seem to tolerate it well.
Dalia & Yako from Amberg
2 Hunde sitzen auf Gras, im Hintergrund sind Berge
Nelly and Major are thrilled about your vegan food. Major (5) comes from Hungary and Nelly (9) is a former Spanish street dog. Both eat "Greta" for about 2 years. Since then there are no more digestion problems :-) and[…]
Nelly and Major
My favourite expression was: a fur like shortly before silk Mathilda came to me from Portugal 3 years ago. Traumatized, but meanwhile tip-top fit
Mathilda from Hanover region
"silk skin" we can also add a proof photo: This is Tigric, which in Slovak means "little tiger". He was disposed of half dead poisoned in the forest, found and dear people brought him to a reception station and for[…]
Einstein eats his food with V-Complete as soon as he gets it.
Einstein from Switzerland
Today GRETA arrived and June & Leni are thrilled. It smells delicious, the bag design is good for stealing and I like it too.
Leni & Souris & June from Lower Rhine
Kiwi loves the food. He only gets it soaked because he "sucks in" the lumps and swallows himself all the time. Soaked, they slide down on their own. My little Chihuahua finally free of stomach ache, vomiting, diarrhoea or the[…]
Kiwi from North Hesse
Hello Leni and hello dear team, I'd like to tell you a story that happened to me yesterday and the days before. I have to get back to you and hope you have the time to read my mail :)[…]
Yuki & Emma from Essen
Without V-Complete I could not cook my dog his beloved fresh food, at least not free of animal suffering!
Ragnar from Berlin
Great food, both our dog ladies love it and really tolerate it very well - although they are actually no dry food eaters.
Mia & Belisha from Upper Bavaria
Well, after about four months, I have to say it was a good decision. She grows fur, where no fur has grown for 5 years. Your itching has decreased by 98%. There was no shortness of breath.
Lily from Deutschland
Spike tolerates Greta very well and is just the right alternative to cooking it yourself.
Spike from Berlin
Lübbi likes to eat the food. And not only him, but also a crow who sometimes accompanies us on walks and steals Lübbi's treats.
Lübbi from Germany