Veganuary – Let your dog decide

We have a fantastic idea for the start of the new year!

What do you think about trying vegan food for your dog in January too? From 1.1.2022 Veganuary will start again! Maybe you have already heard about it:
Many people have New Year’s intentions. Veganuary is a campaign that supports you in trying out a vegan diet for one month.
By doing so, you will make a super valuable and important contribution to animal and climate protection.
You will learn that vegan cuisine is super tasty and varied and not at all exhausting. The email support during this time is great! Even vegans sign up every year because there is always new inspiration. If January doesn’t suit you so well, you can also set the start date yourself. Since the campaign started in 2014, over 1.5 million people have officially signed up for vegan month!

But how cool would it be if your dog joined Veganuary too?!

To make the whole thing palatable to you, here are a few benefits:

Climate Protection

🌱 A recent study shows that greenhouse gas emissions from the production of animal foods are almost twice as high as those from plant foods. Your dog’s annual CO2 emissions are equivalent to about 13 round-trip flights from Berlin to Barcelona, with food accounting for the largest share.* That means by going vegan for a month, you save about one one-way flight. How cool is that?


🌱 A vegan diet has been proven to be one of the healthiest diets for humans and dogs. It is not important that dogs eat animal ingredients, but that they meet their nutrient requirements – just as we humans do.**

Animal Welfare

🌱 No other animal has to die for your dog. There are 10 million dogs living in Germany and the number is increasing – and so are the animals that are killed to feed beings that don’t need to eat animals.***

Sense of community

🌱 It’s a super motivating feeling when many living beings pull together and you can even get your dog involved.

We want to encourage you and have come up with a little get-to-know-offer for you and your sweetheart.

The Veganuary Package includes

1x Greta 2kg Small Kibble
2x Greta Mini 30g Regular Kibble
2x Pauline 200g
1x Lorelai 200g

You can find the Veganuary Package here.

And then it’s time to let off steam!

Let your dog try the vegan food and treats.
Tip: Keep in mind that, especially with food-sensitive animals, you should make sure to mix the new food component gradually into the current food.
So first mix a little of the vegan food with the regular food. Then increase the amount over the next few days. Ideally, your dog will soon be eating only the vegan food.

As a treat, you can offer your pet cooked or chopped fruit and vegetables, e.g. cucumber, apple and carrot, and Lorelai. Preferences vary. Find out what your dog likes.
Check what your dog is allowed to eat and pay attention to the consistency of the poop. If the poop is a little soft at first, that’s perfectly normal. However, if the poop is runny, give it a break for a few days with more new components.

P.S. If you don’t want to convert your dog completely to vegan: Try supplementing some of the meat in the bowl with plant-based ingredients. Or introduce one, two, three veggie days per week/per month. This way, you will already be reducing the amount of meat you consume. Here you can find our overview of what goes into the vegan food bowl
You can find more inspiration in our recipe section.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!
We’re looking forward to hearing about your experiences! Tell us what you found out about your dog’s culinary favourites and send an email to: hello(at) or write us a comment.



* Environmental Impacts of a Pet Dog: An LCA Case Study


*** Environmental Impacts of a Pet Dog: An LCA Case Study

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