What happened that Edgar turns into Greta?

The whole story

In May we received news from the European Trademark Office that our vegan dog food Edgar has to be renamed. Already 1 1/2 years ago another company was of the opinion that our name was too similar to their brand name and that there was a risk of confusion. We were actually quite confident that Edgar could stay Edgar, as our lawyer also thought in this direction.

Sometimes things do not go as expected and so we suffered a severe setback when the Trademark office let us know about their decision. Nevertheless, we prefer to look forward rather than backward and have decided not to file another objection but to find a new chic name. So Edgar can discover his female side and Greta enters the stage.

Of course, there’s quite a rat’s tail attached to such a name change. All bags have to be produced with the new name, the customers and retailers have to be informed, above all that there is a new name but the same composition. And all this in a limited time, since there is the risk of high penalties otherwise.

In order to produce the new bags, new clichés have to be prepared, which are very expensive. The clichés bring the nice colours on our paper bags. The design for the bags had to be reworked as quickly as possible for the sizes 2kg, 5kg and 14kg. The delivery times are extremely long, so the transition of Edgar to Greta will take some time. The Greta 14kg Big Bags are available from now on. Then the 2kg and 5kg sizes will follow in August/September 2018. So don’t be surprised to still meet Edgar around since it needs a little time to turn into Greta. It’s a big deal.

To introduce the new name to the community we had our Vegan4Dogs Comic drawn which carried the 5 letters of the new name hidden in the first 4 pictures. It was a picture puzzle to be solved which wasn’t as easy as we thought but with some hints we released, our Vriends could find Greta. Do you find the letters?

The picture puzzle took place on our website, Facebook page and on Instagram. From all right answers we got (which came from all around Europe) we drew 3 winners of a Greta Big Bag 14kg each. And here are the winners:

Leni Lecker

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