Visiting the Vetzgerei

What a luck! In our house a shop was empty for a long time. When the construction work started some time ago, we were naturally curious and peered through the windows again and again. How I was thrilled when I noticed that a butcher’s shop was moving in there – a completely vegan butcher’s shop. And now it’s time at last. Since yesterday the shop is open. Today, of course, I stopped by immediately to take a closer look at the delicacies and kidnap them home. The treats were carefully wrapped in brown parchment paper by the lady and on top of that I got a new creation, a vegetable tureen, to try. I am very enthusiastic. We’ll be tasting the purchases right away. The test bites of the Vürstchen in the shop were very tasty.

Oh yes, not to forget: all the products are organic, vegan and homemade.


Animals Say Yeah!

Leni Lecker
  1. Ich finde es total super, das Ihr so einen tollen Laden habt. Ich hoffe es gibt bald viel mehr davon 🙂

    • Hallo Anja,

      ja, das ist wirklich ein prima Laden. Der Anfang ist gemacht und ich bin optimistisch, dass es immer mehr vegane Läden geben wird. Und natürlich das vegane Angebot in konventionellen Läden zunimmt. Dann sind vielleicht irgendwann die veganen Läden konventionell☺️.

      Liebe Grüße Leni

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