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Curly - Keep Calm is saying Goodbye   Sadly, sadly, we have to tell you that one of our... more
Product information "Curly - Keep Calm"

Curly - Keep Calm is saying Goodbye 

Sadly, sadly, we have to tell you that one of our beloved family members is leaving the V4D stage for the time being. Curly is taking some time off.

This is not an easy decision for us, as we think Curly - Keep Calm is a great natural remedy, but unfortunately the legal situation these days is not yet as we would like it to be. CBD oil is currently only allowed for dogs as a care product for external use, statements about the effectiveness of CBD are not permitted. This can lead to confusion among users and interested people.

That's why we have decided to give Curly a break for the moment and are keeping our paws crossed that these natural plant wonders will soon be approved as supplementary food for dogs too.

Take care dear Curly, we always carry you with us in our hearts.


Curly - Keep calm 6 %

Care product for dogs. Nature provides us with fantastic, high-quality remedies that can have an amazingly beneficial effect - both for humans and animals. Hemp as a very special medicinal plant is currently on everyone's lips and enjoys great popularity. And rightly so, thanks to its health-promoting properties that have been known since ages. If the THC, which creates the high, is extracted, the natural ingredients of the plant - the cannabinoids - can unfold their spectrum of effects.

Curly is Eddie's new friend. She accompanies him in times when he is afraid - and lets him become calmer. Not that this basically means that Eddie should become calmer, quite the opposite - he's awesome just the way he is! Nevertheless, there are always situations in a dog's life when such a four-legged friend is stressed or simply not feeling well. Don't you know this too? Occasions like New Year's Eve etc. are very special challenges; when it starts to bang, many dogs are in an exceptional state of distress. Or, for example, when travelling, animals can become extremely anxious because they are out of their familiar surroundings.

Our vegan full spectrum CBD oil 6 % contains less than 0.2 percent THC and is produced in Germany. With this valuable oil, you can offer your pet the support that will do them good. Every animal is different - just like us humans! - and everyone has different needs. Since you know your pet the best, you will know when he or she is not feeling well.

Important: In case of symptoms of illness, a visit to a veterinary practitioner or vet is recommended for the health of your dog!

Directions for use

So how do you apply the oil? It's very easy, and Eddie quickly got used to his Curly oil: 1 drop per 2.5 kg dog for external care. You know your animal best and can adjust the dosage accordingly.

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about vegan dog care, for example here at The Vegan Dog. Discover the advantages for your best friend - and feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are happy to advise you on everything to do with our favourite topic!

Cold pressed hemp seed oil, 600mg cannabidiol (CBD) from ultra sonic ethanol extraction more

Cold pressed hemp seed oil, 600mg cannabidiol (CBD) from ultra sonic ethanol extraction

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Customer review for "Curly - Keep Calm"
22 Dec 2022

Das entspannt uns beide.

Ich bin froh ein pflanzliches Mittel zu haben, welches meinem Oskar hilft ein bisschen zu entspannen, wenn draußen der Lärm losgeht. Da wir jetzt schon einiges an Knallern hören und er abends nicht so gerne rausgeht in dieser Jahreszeit bekommt er schon jetzt Curly Tropfen. Mir geht es auch viel besser, wenn Oskar ruhiger sein kann. Liebe Grüße

9 Dec 2022

Alles super!

Hat unserem Hund sehr geholfen!

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