You are not alone

There are many of us, and we are becoming more and more vegan dogs! There are reasons for that!

Feed a dog vegan? That's possible? Yes, it is and it is actually very easy and healthy. With a positive and explorative attitude, as well as the right tasty food, almost every dog can become a herbivore. Meanwhile, more and more people are deciding to feed their companions vegan. Here you can find out more about the reasons and positive changes.

 Our Vegan4Dogs Family

Every day we welcome new vegan dogs to our Vegan4Dogs family! We look forward to your personal stories and photos of your companions!

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Vincent (a Kangal) has been on vegan food for over 7 years now. First Benevo, now your Greta food for a long time (unfortunately I have not noted since when). For sure for a couple of years. He tolerates it very well and most importantly has not shown any allergic reactions. The special thing about it: He is now a proud 12.5 years old and when we recently went to the vet for heart medication, he had to order the medication specially, because usually such large dogs do not get so old. For a Kangal he is a real Methuselah and he is still awake and likes to be out with us - even if a bit slower than before. :-) I wanted to give you folks this feedback, because when I started feeding him vegan I was almost kicked out of the vet's office once. I had a blood test done at the time, the levels were ok, the deposits later at 8 were very low. Many Kangals don't even live that long. Many other human companions of dogs are still very skeptical, but I have already convinced 3 people around me to try your food as well. I am very happy and grateful that you do this work and that you offer such good food for him. It does him good, and certainly contributes its part to the fact that he is still with us at over 12.5 years and I can still be happy about him every morning. Best regards Martin


Heaven is 9 years old and has been munching vegan for 3 years and is fitter than ever. Today her bowl was empty in no time at all. It was a slightly modified version of the Happy Meal recipe. Heaven loves balls best of all: Chickpea balls, pea pralines etc. Thank you, Leni. Because I feed my dog a vegan diet, I have a much better quality of life myself. I used to have a huge ethical problem as a vegan because I thought dogs had to eat meat. With best wishes from the South of France.  Susann


Rory comes from the streets of Malta and was rescued in Spring 2022 thanks to the amazing association Hunderettung e.V. Rory now lives in Germany and is a very happy, joyful and energetic dog! She has a lot of love to give and loves to cuddle. She also loves to stand up, that's her funny thing 😂   Fun fact: a lot of people tell me that Rory is very shiny and soft! Of course I tell them it is because she has nutritionally complete vegan dog food from you guys! Warm greetings Mathilde


Fine, the red miniature poodle girl, is our munching predator. She dashes through the forest like a whirlwind, likes to dig in the flowers at home, is happy about every walker and is sometimes quite cheeky with Malu. She puts a smile on our faces every day when she is fooling around. Michelle


Willis is now 3 years old and has been living with us for 1 1/2 years. At the beginning we had a lot of problems finding the right food for him, as he always quickly lost his liking for dog food and we had to try out several different brands. In the summer we came across Greta at a trade fair. He is now very happy with it, eats very well and has a great digestion. A clear recommendation. :-). Dominic


Rosa embarked in our family the 26th of October 2022. She was saved in Romania where she was mistreated (with her mother and 4 brothers and sisters) in an abusive family.  For 6 months she stayed in a sanctuary before we adopted her. After more than 36 hours of traveling by truck, without leaving the cage she shared with her mother, adopted by another french family, she arrived to Metz where I awaited her. 2 hours later by car we arrived back home. Rosa quickly adapted to her foster sisters : Emma and Suzy. She’s a big fan of Emma whom she considers as her role model. Ever since she’s an additional ray of sunshine in our activist family where everyone is vegan. She loves hiking, to role around in poo, chew the sticks of Vegan4Dogs (aka Nibble Wood), clamour for attention and food to eat whenever she can. Chloé

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper is a 12.5 years old Jack Russel Terrier Mix that was found near the woods in Brazil, probably abandoned by the only house in the area, a Jack Russel Terrier breeder.

When she was 2 years old she boarded a plane to come to Germany and her fur has never been the same again since 2012's cold winter. It grew so fast and thick and basically stayed like that, never being completely trimmed, as people point out this as her first characteristic.

She isn't trained in the arts of walking around without leash, playing nice with kids or strangers, not barking at the cue of ring bell or holding the excitement when friends come over, but she has this amazing characteristic of always being the best life around. She likes to hang around while we cook, sit on the couch and loves afternoon naps and snuggles. 

But even all of this partnership might be not enough when food is evolved. Every evening from 8:30 to 9:30PM she gets up and asks for her bowl of Greta, which she's been eating for a couple of years. She had stomach problems from time to time, being fed BARF for a while, but everything went well when she started with Leni Lecker food, even having tried other vegan food before. I'm not exactly sure, but it's possible she went vegan before I did.

Now excuse me, because I better go and give her a Lorelai. Adans


Nala has been vegan since day 1. She loves to eat and will do pretty much anything for it. She likes to romp around outside quite a bit, but is quiet with the kids. Tanja


Tate is mostly a dachshund through and through. Stubborn and headstrong. With his nose in front, he can sometimes skillfully ignore our calls. Tate is very fond of love and cuddles. He seeks our affection and likes to lift his leg when we come home. He loves to play with other dogs – but the “courage” of the dachshund is still holding back with Tate.

He is afraid of water, loud noises and most people. Nevertheless, he is an active, lively and healthy little fellow 😊. Tate is almost 2 years old and has been fed Greta for 1.5 years – he loves it! No food has pleased him as much as yours. The blood test done just recently showed top results!

Sincerely Anna Eliseeva


Your food is mega tasty and I'm glad my human companion found it. I was very ill, now I am well again, my blood test is great, which amazed my dog doctor.

I like to play in nature, catch the ball and bring it tirelessly to my human. I swim with her, go SUPing (Stand up Paddling) with her and enjoy life in the middle of nature in the Lausitz. Oh yes, and I like to eat carrots, apples, cucumbers and melons. Thank you dear Leni Lecker team and please keep making such delicious vegan food.

Best regards, Your Lilly and her human Kerstin


Khali is a 1 and a half years old labrador. She is very friendly, goofy and energetic. She loves swimming and playing fetch :)



Kali is what her friends at her daycare call "a small dog with a big personality" :D She has endless energy and her favourite activity is playing fetch with her orange ball on the beach. Sand is her favourite too! She is crazy about Leni Lecker treats - she gets one every morning after breakfast so sometimes, when we forget, she stares at us intensely from her pillow, until we remember. It is the only thing she will go to her pillow and lie down for, without us asking her to :D She is super adventurous, loving and her favourite thing is belly rubs.

Kali is also eco-conscious - most of her stuff (dog harness, bed, etc) is either second hand or eco-friendly. That's why her Instagram is @ecodogkali :)

Krisztina from Lisbon

Pepe & George

Pepe (black Cockapoo) and George are energetic, lively vegan dogs who are thriving and healthy. Pepe used to be raw-fed but has been plant-based for two years now. George is a rescue who came to me at 6 months and transitioned to a plant diet immediately. We have never looked back and it’s a win/win situation all round!  They are my wonderful boys and I’m so proud of them!


Bobby is 1.5 years old, weighs 9kg and comes from the Ukraine, so we don't know exactly which breeds are in his roots. Based on the little hair loss, we are guessing a poodle mix. We adopted him from the streets as a puppy and he has been with us since October 2020. He loves tasty food, which is why he only gets your kibble.

Emma & Suzy

Suzy and Emma, saved by a non-profit organisation, originate from the Réunion island. Suzy, who’s smaller, more round and furry, was abandoned in the street only one month old. She’s a source of tenderness who’s almost perfect.

Emma was thrown in a cardboard box at birth, in a landfill, with 16 other new-born babies. She’s a big and dynamic dog who’ll remain eternally a child. She loves to suckle our clothes and pillow covers but she never tears anything. We welcomed her as a foster family and finally decided to adopt her. Both of them are vegan since we welcomed them in our home when they were 4 and 6 months old. They’ll be 5 years old this year.


Hello all dog friends, I am Inga Borgia and I live in Gosen. Since I broke both my front legs, I am no longer allowed to run and therefore I tend to develop some fat rolls. Then I discovered the super tasty vegan chunks "Greta" and they fill my stomach and keep me slim!

Kind regards from Inga

Ingvild & Torun

Ingvild and Torun are two vegan rescue lurchers from Ireland now living in Sweden. Ingvild (White and golden colored fur) is 4,5 years old and has been vegan since being adopted three years ago. Torun (Brown brindle fur) is soon 1,5 years old and has been vegan since being adopted four months ago.

Ingvild is the most happy and human loving dog one ever will have the privilege to meet. Torun is still very scared and unsecure, still adapting to her new life, but she is a real goofball at home where she feels most safe. Both are the biggest cuddle bugs and food maniacs. Of course loving Leni Lecker goodness.

Momer Beatrice


Bear is practically a senior at 11 years old, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying long walks and extensive play! About 6 years ago, I was allowed to adopt Bär and become his family ❤ He loves water, snow and the cold, so he feels right at home in our adopted country Sweden 😉. That's why we're even happier that we can still get our food from you after our move! Bär had been struggling with digestive problems for years.... Nothing helped! Der Wendepunkt war die Umstellung auf Greta! The turning point was switching to Greta! Thank you for making it possible to feed my dog sustainably and healthily 🥰


Luzie is 10.5 years old and has been on a vegan diet with Greta for several years. She loves the food and always eats it with enthusiasm.


Turned 2 years old at Christmas (2019), has been living with me since May, I got him from the animal shelter. Most beautiful decision of my life!


Loves Greta


He is about 8 years old (as of 2021) and has been living with us for 2 years. He was previously with ProAnimale in Poland for 3 years and was already fed a vegan/vegetarian diet there. He tolerates Greta well and with a little bit of fruit or vegetables and oats/rice milk he likes to eat it. But what does a Labi leave behind?


Pauline goes down veeeeeery well with Anthony, it has a great smell when you open the can. Even when he is sleeping, when I open the can, he wakes up, comes running and practically inhales the food.But Greta also likes it very much, he would have loved to empty the bag in one go and there are such great ingredients, herbs etc., so it's always a super healthy snack. I am totally thrilled how happily he accepts everything and how well he is doing with it. For me it's very clear: never again back to meat for him, he's been on a vegan diet since March 2020, he's doing very well with it, his coat is shiny.


Great, all the nutrients he needs.

We wanted to switch to vegan together with our 8-year-old Labrador Kobe and were very happy about the nutritional supplements as well as the support and information on your site. It’s great to be able to give him the dry food sometimes too… He loves the V-Complete and Greta! We are now confident that he is getting all the nutrients he needs :)

Grischa, Maira, Emma & Flora

From Dußlingen Germany, The dogs love the food!


Since he came to us from a Romanian killing station two years ago, he has been fed Greta dry food and tolerates it very well. He is a funny and agile fellow and a real enrichment!


Little Greek girl, sporty on the move and licks the bowl at least three times


My 11 year old Jazz has been eating Greta for about 2 weeks and her allergies have disappeared 🥰🌿 She is much more active and no longer scratches herself.


Veggie since 2015


Suzy is already 20 years old and has been on your food for two years and is fit as a fiddle! We have the feeling that the change to vegan food is doing her a world of good (although of course she likes to eat the odd starfish or crab on the beach if she gets the chance🙈) - her coat has become totally shiny and soft and no one believes us that she is already such an old lady… Suzy has been our goldmine since I took her from the shelter 14 years ago - she was rescued from a shelter in Hungary in a bitterly cold winter with 30 other dogs because the animals there were in danger of freezing to death!

Kiev & Estefania

Kiev was adopted at just under 10 months old. Since then he has almost always eaten plant-based, with exceptions when we were travelling etc. Fed Benevo puppy food as a puppy, plus home-cooked with added V-Complete. He is now 2 years and 11 months old, super active, and just got the results for his first blood test. The result was perfect. The vet says it is a very healthy and happy dog. Estefania is almost 10 years old now, adopted almost 3 years ago. She too is healthy and fit.


My little dachshund Max had stomach/intestinal problems for 2.5 years (he is now 3) and vomited yellow foam almost every day… took him to so many vets etc. - nothing helped. I tried different types of food - until I discovered that he was allergic to meat! Then I bought him “Greta” and he stopped vomiting on the second day 😍👍 I'm really happy that I discovered your food! And especially that he likes it.


Leo loves his vegan food and tolerates it much better than anything he was fed before.

Tiptoe, Mugs, Tutu, Motombo, Line & Ludmila

Leo loves his vegan food and tolerates it much better than anything he was fed before.

Pepe & Kalle

Our two rascals Pepe and Kalle love GRETA.


Leo loves his vegan food and tolerates it much better than anything he was fed before.


Kutyi loves his new food!


Our two rascals Pepe and Kalle love GRETA.


Amy is already 12 years old and more fit than ever thanks to Greta.


He is top healthy, thanks to this great food!! Highly recommended! Love, Nana


Amy is already 12 years old and more fit than ever thanks to Greta.


This is Mien, a Scottish rescue terrier, 8 years old. She was used in a breeding farm and had to leave when she was too old to reproduce. Now she lives a happy life in Belgium and enjoys Greta dog food! She has even put on weight and is very healthy at the moment thanks to Greta 😊 It’s great dog food!!!

Alma & Grete

We are Alma and Grete from Brandenburg and have been living in Germany for 3 and 2 years. After trying out many different foods, we ended up with the vegetarian fresh food with V-Complete and stayed with it because it is best tolerated by both of us. We are in a good mood every day, no more stomach problems and our fur is cuddly soft!


My rescued dog Breeze, Lurcher (female, Greyhound x Whippet x German Shepherd) used to suffer from many food allergies (meat, corn). When I adopted her from the shelter, she was 12 weeks old and on a meat-based diet. I slowly switched to a vegan puppy dog food. When she grew up, to vegan organic adult dog food, but she kept having problems with her skin, coat and stool. So I switched her back to another brand of vegan dog food. She was much better, but later she developed a corn allergy and threw up every time she got anything with corn in it (we found this out later). It was the maize in the food. She couldn't have it anymore. Eventually I found out about the vegan dog food Greta and she has been on this for some time. She is now 4 years old and very healthy and loves life! This food is the best for her. ♥


Sugar is a vital, very healthy, vegan dog.

Dalia & Yako

I have now slowly changed the food from barf to Greta. They like it very much and seem to tolerate it well.


More cuddly bear than dog? Peace ☮ Love ❤ Vegan ?

Nelly & Major

Nelly and Major are thrilled with your vegan food. Major (5) comes from Hungary and Nelly (9) is a former Spanish street dog. Both have been getting “Greta” for about 2 years. Since then, there are no more digestion problems :-) and they both like it.


Silk fur” we can also add a proof photo: This is Tigric, which means “little tiger” in Slovakian. He was found half-dead, poisoned and dumped in the woods. Loving people brought him to a rescue centre and for a long time it was uncertain whether he would survive. By picture our hearts met and when he then came to me from Slovakia, I was of course told I should, had to because of liver damage and much more .... > but we both knew: enough of the suffering inflicted on him, ... now we continue on free from animal suffering and "Edgar" now "Greta" came into the LoveLifeGame and just watch !!!! (unfortunately we don't have a photo before the Greta-life)


My favourite expression was: a coat close to silk That's Mathilda who came to me from Portugal 3 years ago. Traumatised, but meanwhile in tip-top shape


Originally from Turkey. She is almost 10 years old and has been “vegan” for many years. We are very pleased that she likes your food so much, because she is very particular about what she eats!


Now, after about 4 months, I have to say - it was a good decision. She grows fur where no fur has grown for 5 years. Her itching has decreased by 98%. Respiratory distress did not occur.


Einstein eats his food with V-Complete as soon as he gets it.


Now, after about 4 months, I have to say - it was a good decision. She grows fur where no fur has grown for 5 years. Her itching has decreased by 98%. Respiratory distress did not occur.


Now, after about 4 months, I have to say - it was a good decision. She grows fur where no fur has grown for 5 years. Her itching has decreased by 98%. Respiratory distress did not occur.


Lübbi likes to eat the food. And not only him, but also a crow that sometimes accompanies us on walks and steals Lübbi’s treats.

Mia & Belisha

Great food, our two dog ladies love it and tolerate it really well - although they are actually not dry food eaters at all.


Without V-Complete I could not cook my dog his beloved fresh food, at least not animal-free!

Leni, Souris & June

GRETA arrived today and June & Leni are thrilled. It smells delicious, the bag design is well done for stealing and I like it too.