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To feed a dog vegan is relatively easy if you deal with the nutritional needs of the dog. Dogs need a protein source, carbohydrates, vegetables, oil and a balanced dietary supplement for home-cooked food.

In ready-made food, whether dry or wet, various vitamins, minerals and trace elements are added by the factory. Vegan and conventional feed do not differ in this aspect. In home-cooked feed, these nutrients have to be added themselves…

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What’s up with red cabbage?

Why crush the rice? In this recipe I use wholegrain rice. It has a very firm husk and is therefore more difficult to digest than husked rice.

Green Balls

Peas not only provide various B vitamins, but also score high in protein and are considered one of the oldest cultivated plants.

When Turnips & Bean Dumplings toast Breads

For even more fun eating, I hide the bowl in the flat and Eddie then goes on a search. As soon as he has sniffed the bowl, which can also be above head height, he sits down and points. Then it's time to eat.


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