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We would like to introduce Jamie. She provides us with support in writing blog articles and social media posts and enriches our team with her experience of vegan dog life, her enthusiasm, empathy, creativity and expertise. But let’s let her have her own say and introduce herself. Curtain up for Jamie:

Flower power in a double pack

My name is Jamie, I am 31 years young and have been vegan for 5 years. My sweet dog Lotti accompanies me on my journey through life. My little almost-grandma (11 years old) has also been vegan for about a year.

How did it come about? I’ll tell you now:

After my training as a veterinary assistant, I completed training as a dog nutritionist in 2015. Already at that time, I asked myself why this training content was so full of animal protein. The dog – the omnivore…not the carnivore, right? At that time, however, it didn’t occur to me to question this form of nutrition any further. As a vegan, you were already being labelled as tired of life. Be that as it may, this led me to stop using my training at first.

Time went by and I was recently very active in the area of food rescue (food sharing). So it happened that I couldn’t keep up with giving away food and my fridge was regularly bursting at the seams. It was mostly good organic fruit and vegetables and – okay, I admit it – also many varieties that I didn’t like myself. In desperation and because of my extremely strong food throwaway phobia, I had the master thought: Maybe Lotti will like it! So I started cooking for Lotti with all kinds of food and made a kind of profile about each food. A gourmet journey began:

What can I offer a dog? Does it have to be cooked, can it be fed raw? What does Lotti like at all?

By the way, I have been told all my life that dogs have no taste buds and should eat what goes into the bowl. I always thought that was mean and implausible. And now I have the proof: Lotte is a real gourmet and the list of foods she doesn’t like is longer than the list of foods she likes to eat! And let’s face it, everyone knows what their Sweetie’s favourite food is, don’t we?

I’ve spent the last few months going back through all my dog food records and putting them through their paces. And lo and behold! A vegan diet for the dog is possible and in certain stages of life and with certain illnesses even more beneficial than the diet that is far too meat-heavy these days. I recently went to the vet for my annual blood check and Lotti’s blood values are like those of a young dog. I’m patting myself on the back right now: I did everything right, I’m proud of us! Lotti nods at me approvingly.

I can tell you: it’s so much fun cooking for my Lotti. We cook for our children too. Then why not for our dogs. They are an integral part of the family. It’s only our beliefs that get in the way. It’s fun to rethink! And why shouldn’t we feed our dogs a vegan diet if it’s possible?! Our planet will certainly thank us for it!!!

Now it’s your turn: Do you feed your dog a vegan diet? If yes: Tell us your story.

Jamie Kolb
Jamie Kolb

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