Chard with Kidney Beans and Quinoa

Low purine for leishmaniasis

1 daily serving for a 15kg dog (33 lb)

This recipe by vet Lisa Walther from DietPet is especially suitable for dogs that have leishmaniasis and get Allopurinol. Also interesting for Dalmatians. Why, you find out here in our blog post.

Tasty of course also for other dogs 😉


  • 400g cooked Kidney Beans, e.g. canned
  • 67g Quinoa, dried
  • 200g Chard
  • 15g Sesame Oil
  • Cumin
  • 7g V-Complete
  • 45g Greta


Here we go:

First, the quinoa is washed and boiled in double the amount of water and a small amount of salt. As vegetables we have chosen chard. The wonderful colours remind me totally of the autumn in whose season it grows. You can also vary the vegetables according to the season.

Wash the chard, cut it into small pieces and cook in a little water with a lid for a few minutes. Then put aside to cool.

Wash the kidney beans and mash them with a fork or blender. Add V-Complete, oil and some cumin. Cumin makes the beans easier to digest.

Now it’s time to serve.

Since Eddie is fed at least twice a day, we have decided to arrange the two portions differently. One wildly mixed and one neatly side by side.

Put the chard, quinoa and the kidney beans in a bowl and mix. To finish, sprinkle Greta on top. That’ s it. Bon appétit.

For special fun you can let your dog go looking for the bowl.

Amount of Purine

The purine concentration is calculatively less than 20mg purine per 100g of feed and therefore in an ideal range.

Photos by Leni Lecker

Leni Lecker
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