Green Balls

With Pea and Fennel Puree

1 daily serving for a 15kg dog (33 lb)

It’s all in the mix! That sums it up quite well with this green feast for the eyes, because here there is both something to chew on and a nice creamy puree. The green colour, which is due to the peas in the recipe, is quite appealing too. 

Peas not only provide various B vitamins, but also score high in protein and are considered one of the oldest cultivated plants. Moreover, they can also be grown regionally and young, fresh peas are in season from June to the end of August. 

Together with fennel, which brings a lot of vitamin A, and the health all-rounder rolled oats, this dish is full of precious nutrients that provide the vital base for a balanced meal.

Something for every taste

The dish can also be prepared with balls only if your dog doesn’t like Puree (like Eddie😁, for example). In this case, however, the balls should not be fried so that V-Complete is not heated.

Or, if your dog likes to eat mush, you can also offer everything in the form of puree. There are no limits to your creativity and your dog’s preferences.

Or sometimes this way and sometimes that way. Variety is the key.

How does your dog like it best? Drop us your comment below.



700 g Cooked Peas (frozen or dried)
150 g Fennel
80 g Rolled Oats
15 g Sunflower Oil
0.5 g non-iodised salt
1 Handful Parsley
200 ml Water



  • Put the rolled oats in a food processor and grind them into oatmeal. You can also use ready-made oatmeal, or if your dog prefers it more crunchy, leave the rolled oats whole. This will give a slightly firmer consistency.

  • Then purée 400g of the cooked peas with the parsley and about 60-80ml of water.

  • Put the pureed pea mixture into a bowl with the oat flour/flakes and mix well.

  • Form small balls from the mixture with slightly moistened hands.

  • You can then fry the balls briefly in a well coated pan to give them a little crunch. You can also skip this step, or prepare the recipe sometimes this way and sometimes that.

  • Cut the fennel into pieces and steam in a saucepan until the fennel is soft.

  • Puree the cooked fennel with the remaining 300g peas, salt and approx. 100-120ml water.

  • Stir the sunflower oil and V-Complete into the puree.

  • Now you can serve the bowl with balls and the pea-fennel puree. Enjoy serving!

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