Leni Lecker Nibble Wood

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Relaxation & Satisfaction with Leni Lecker Nibble Wood Chewable Toy for dogs Leni... more
Product information "Leni Lecker Nibble Wood"

Relaxation & Satisfaction with Leni Lecker Nibble Wood

Chewable Toy for dogs

Leni Lecker Nibble Wood is available in 2 variations: BrucBool and Ramo d'Olivo.

BrucBool is a wood grown in Italy using sustainable methods. The chew toy is 100% natural.

Unlike other types of wood, heather root has the advantage that it does not splinter.
Chewing is satisfying and relaxing. Just the right thing for your dog.



Ramo d'Olivo is handmade in Italy and also a 100% natural dog toy.

The carefully crafted olive wood is dried and finished with olive oil.
The wood is particularly resistant and gives satisfaction when chewing as well as relaxation.

The woods shown are example shapes. Each wood is unique, the look and shape varies from wood to wood.

How it works

The weight, size and shape should be appropriate for your companion's size.
Replace the toy if it has become too small in relation to the mouth.

Which size is suitable for whom?

XS 50 – 150g For Small Dogs
M 301 – 500g For Medium Dogs
XL 751 – 1000g For Large Dogs

Ramo d'Olivo
S 60 – 99g For Small Dogs
M 100 – 220g For Medium Dogs
L 221 – 450g For Large Dogs

Let Nibble!

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