Greta – Refined Composition

For Big Gourmets or the Small Appetite

Happiness for all the big and small Edgar Greta Fans. The Greta Big Bag has arrived. It comes in the familiar Greta design and carries 14kg. So who has a big companion or various small ones will be glad, with the Big Bag you can benefit of a better offer. There’s only one thing to do: Get the Big Bag into the kitchen and start munching. The 5kg bag is of course still available so that everyone is satisfied.

The launch of the Big Bag also brings the Refined Composition into your home.

What’s new?

Since we were already very happy with Greta there happened only some minor changes. We took account of your suggestions and replaced the leek with lovage. The newly added algae Schizochytrium limacinum offers more omega 3 fatty acids (DHA) still. Chestnut extract joins in to encourage the digestion.

The additives we adjusted a little bit. We discarded the addition of iron and manganese. They are included in the ingredients in satisfying quantity. The amounts of these trace elements are labelled on the bag with their native concentrations.

For the development of Greta I go by the nutritional recommendations of the expert literature ‘Ernährung des Hundes‘ (Nutrition of the dog) by Prof. Dr. Zentek (Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin), published with the Enke Verlag 2016.

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