The ‘Oscar’ for animal rights goes to?

Gotlands Djurfristad wins the “Golden Rat”

Just a few days ago the Guldråttan was awarded to the Gotland Animal Sanctuary for outstanding animal rights work. It is the finest award for animal rights in Sweden, being awarded the first time in 1987. The prize-giving took place as part of the Animal Rights National Conference.

Gotlands Djurfristad is a sanctuary for animals in need and a paradise for vegans. Petri, our friend from Sweden who runs the VeganDogShop Vecanis not only supports the sanctuary with food for cats and dogs but also promoted Gotlands Djurfristad to receive the award. On his last trip to Gotland Petri brought along some Greta for the dogs. Especially Dennis (have look at the top picture) liked it.

Did you see the chicken tiptoeing behind him?

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