Visiting Lo Vegano on Mallorca

Hola Mallorca

I visited Lo Vegano, the vegan store on Mallorca. It has been around for 6 years, run by Sarah and Patrick. I was lucky to meet Sarah and I liked her very much. It is great to get to know other animal rights activists and then even abroad.

Sarah says that the vegan lifestyle has received a lot of attention around here in the last years and that vegan dog food is very popular. That makes me especially happy to hear.

Lo Vegano has an extensive selection of products and the shelf with the vegan milk alternatives has knocked me down. I have never seen so many of them in Berlin before. Hats off.

Also the staff member Angela (spoken Anchela with a hard ch) was very sympathetic.
Lo Vegano is absolutely worth a visit if you are on Mallorca, and if you live there you know the shop anyway.

Soon you will also get Greta there.

See you soon on a meeting with Greta on Mallorca in Lo Vegano.

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