Portrait von Leni Lecker Vegan4Dogs
Portrait von Matthias von Vegan4Dogs

Leni Lecker, Matthias and Eddie

We are the team of Vegan4Dogs

In 2012 we got our Edgar von Falkenberg from the shelter in Berlin. I wanted to prepare the food for Eddie myself, so that I could take care of his preferences and above all I know what is in it.

In order to guarantee menus with all nutrients, we developed V-Complete in 2014 and decided that it was time to push vegan dog nutrition. For us, this includes above all showing how to cook tasty vegan food for your dog.

Because there is not always time to cook, we needed a tasty alternative if the meal prep has to be fast. So with much love and patience we developed our complete vegan food Greta. It took a few attempts until we managed to get the food to meet our demands and to be well enjoyed by our pre-taster Eddie.

In 2020 we presented our moist food Pauline as a new family member. Also here a 2 year development period was necessary until everything worked out.

It is very important to us that all ingredients used are vegan and so we went on a search for a high-quality vegetable vitamin D3 of vegetable origin, which was not so easy at all. We willingly accept the additional effort and costs, because our love for animals does not stop with dogs.

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