Benefits V-Complete

This is all the good stuff in V‑Complete

Yucca supports the formation of a natural, healthy intestinal flora.

Yeast supports an optimal intestinal bacteria conditions, the immune build-up and the antibody formation

We have paid particular attention to the calcium‑phosphorus ratio (C 18% – P 2.5%). A balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio is important for a stable skeleton. Since phosphorus is mainly supplied by the plant food, V-Complete contains more calcium.

Vitamin E and C and Selen are able to neutralize free radicals in the body.

Vitamin D supports the calcium-phosphate balance

Vitamin B complex stimulates the activation of the metabolism

Vitamin B1 is important for the carbohydrate metabolism, the heart muscles and the energy supply of the nerve cells.

Vitamin B2 supports the functioning of the nerve metabolism

Vitamin B12 is important for blood formation and growth

Biotin supports the integrity of the skin

Essential amino acids

Methionine plays a role in metabolic function and hair growth

Lysine is important for the formation of collagenous tissue

Omega 3 fatty acids promote metabolism and immune processes

Magnesium is involved in muscle contraction as well as intra- and intercellular processes. It is important for cell proliferation and strengthens nerve connections and blood clotting.

The trace elements (except selenium and iodine) are present as glycinates in organically bound form and thus have a better bioavailability.

Zinc supports numerous enzymes in carbohydrate and protein metabolism as well as the formation of antibodies

Copper is a component of many proteins and enzymes and contributes to the formation of pigments and keratin.

Iron is a component of hemoglobin and myoglobin for oxygen transportation in the blood and muscles.

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