Celebrate with Vriends

Running, eating, drinking

Last Friday I was able to enjoy several of my passions. I was at the Tiergarten relay in Berlin. Some thousand teams are competing in 3 days. 5x5km.

At the start I was with my favourite people, the Spreeganer, and as the cream of the crop we again had a common camp with the VeganRunners. With such a vegan crowd of course the food was not missing. We were probably about 35 people who all brought food. I always love it when I can eat everything at picnics without having to think.

If we had gone to a lake to sunbathe that day, the weather would have been ideal. It was quite hot for running though. That meant a lot of sweat and heavy breathing. It was my first run at this event so I didn’t know the track yet. The last few meters took quite a long time until the long awaited Spreeganer/VeganRunners camp directly at the track. There each of our runners was duly greeted and got a good energy boost for the last meters to the finish.

My team finished 356th out of 1689.

After the event, we ate our picnic leftovers between the clean-ups and chatted in a cozy atmosphere.

But the evening wasn’t over yet. Afterwards we went to the ‘Wilde Hase’ in nowhere, THE vegan beer garden, where you can get Vöner (if you are not too late at the place;-)) tasty brownies, sweets, cocktails and other drinks. Vegan, of course. We celebrated the birthday of a Spreeganer friend. I must say, the Rasperry Mojitos were pretty tough.

Vegan life can be so beautiful.

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