9 reasons why I home cook for my dog

There are many good reasons

  1. I know exactly what’s in the food.
  2. I can get to know my dog’s preferences and comply with them
  3. I can exclude food that the dog should not eat (e.g. allergy)
  4. I have fresh ingredients of the quality I like to have
  5. I can follow the regional and seasonal offer
  6. I enjoy to put together a loving meal for my dog, I like to cook for myself as well.
  7. Dishes can also be cooked for the whole family, including the dog, so that there is no extra effort.
  8. I have a varied diet, which allows a diversity of the nutrients fed, and accommodates some dogs who like to eat different dishes
  9. I enjoy exchanging recipes with like-minded people e.g. at ‘Vegan Hund!? Ja klar!‘

And why do you cook for your dog?

With V-Complete you supplement the home-cooked vegan meals to cover all the nutrients. For a healthy dog. For a healthy dog.

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