What are amino acids and what do dogs need them for?

Can this also be achieved in vegan?

On the website Vegan-happy-dogs.de there is a nice basics article about amino acids. You can find out how they are structured and what meaning they have for the dog’s metabolism.
A distinction is made here between the essential amino acids, which must be supplied with food, the semi-essential ones, which only become essential under certain conditions, and the non-essential amino acids, which the dog can produce itself.

There is also an overview of the individual essential amino acids and from which plant sources you can obtain them.
Effects of a protein deficiency are also listed, as well as particularities of reduced protein requirements, e.g. diseases.
Above all, you can see how you can calculate the protein content of wet food in relation to dry matter in order to compare foods with each other.

Want to read the whole article? This way.

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